Guest Blog: Mammy Europe by SHARON HUGHES

A few weeks back Women for Election along with 20 female candidates (from all parties) for the local and European Elections were supported by the European Commission on an educational programme to learn more about the European Institutions and how they relate to Ireland. The purpose of the programme was to provide the candidates with […]

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To date over 1,600 candidates have been declared or selected for the upcoming local elections, of these 374 are women. At this stage, over 85% of party selection conventions are now complete, so we are nearly there in terms of final figures! Today, 23% of candidates are women, in the local elections in 2009 that […]

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Happy International Women’s Day 2014!

Women for Election formally launched on International Women’s Day the 8th March 2012, so we are very close to our 2nd birthday. It has been an incredibly exciting 2 years. We had been inspired by the work of international women such as Bella Abzug, Marie C. Wilson, amazed by the tenacity and determination of women such as Aung San Suu […]

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Looking back: The 1979 Local Elections in Leinster

Historical perspective can help us to appreciate how far women have come in their struggle for equality, both within and outside of politics. The 1979 Local Elections prove an interesting reflection on women in public life, as it was the year that a young Mary Robinson was first elected to Dublin City Council.  With this […]

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Local & European Elections 2014: With the 2014 Local and European Elections fast approaching, preparation over the next few months is essential. Women for Election recognise that ongoing support is vital as we lead into campaign mode. And so, we bring you a series of masterclasses with some of Ireland’s top experts in their fields to […]

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A New Year Review: Candidate selections over Christmas

Christmas is normally a time for relaxation and reflection, but very often, political life is quite an exception! Over the holidays a total of 35 candidates put themselves forward, or were selected at convention for the local elections in May.  Labour, Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael selected or added one or two women, whilst no […]

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Counties with the most women (and the least)

This week we are taking a look at areas containing the most, and least, female candidates so far. The rural/ urban divide is an interesting and historic cleavage of the Irish political landscape, from voting differences relating to civil politics, to a substantial gender disparity which this blog will focus on. To date, women candidates […]

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Real change starts in the community: Tallaght/Clondalkin INFORM

Earlier this month Women for Election teamed up with Active Citizenship Together in hosting two half day workshops aimed at developing knowledge of the political system, particularly at local level, and to build community influence ahead of next year’s local elections. Sheilann Monaghan and Mary Clare Wallace of the South Dublin County Partnership brought together […]

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Galway: our featured county this week

So, let’s take a look at the situation in Galway city and county. The Local Area Boundary Committee Report has outlined the representational changes the area will undergo ahead of next year’s elections Currently, Galway city has 15 sitting elected representatives – this is due to increase to 18, one councillor for every 4,196 of […]

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Selection committees meeting nationally: A review

Important meetings are happening around the country every week at the moment and they are the selection committees for each of the Political Parties, who are selecting the candidates that will run for next years Local Elections.  Women for Election are keeping an eye on what has been going on and will be updating you […]

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