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Great to be in Cork for the @labour conference today

Huge support and energy for reaching the 50/50 target set for our democracy 🙌🗳️ #LP23


Being involved in politics has given me amazing opportunities. I've met wonderful people from all walks of life & challenged me to lead organisations, develop public speaking skills, host social events & even produce a film!
Women - take that 1st step contact @women4election

We had a brilliant day hosting our Intro to politics session in partnership with
@corkcitycouncil delivered by @patmontague🙌

Lots of women eager and ready to run for election! 🗳️

If you're interested in our courses check out our website

Labour Youth will also be having a fringe event with @labourwomen at this weekends @labour national conference.

With local and European elections only 14 months away this event will focus on demystifying candidate selection - one of the 5 C’s that typically hold