Training Programmes

We have trained over 3,000 women since 2012.

28th September | 6.30pm INFORM: Power and Perseverance

10th October | 7.00pm In Conversation with Róisín Shortall

18th October | 6.30pm Launch of More Women in Offaly

19th October | 6.30pm INFORM Introduction to Politics (Online)

26th October | 7.00pm INFORM Introduction to Politics

27th October  Safer politics training with Meta

2nd November | 6.30pm Be the Leader

28th January INSPIRE Campaign School

18th February  EQUIP Campaign School


INFORM Events focus on topics that are relevant to both women who are interested in or are already involved in political life.

INSPIRE Campaign School

Since 2012 women across Ireland have participated in our INSPIRE Campaign schools. This was the start or continuation of a journey for many of today’s local councillors, TDs, Senators and MEPs.

Equip Campaign School

An intensive and engaging training programme will build on your skills and knowledge to get you ready for the campaign trail.

Master Classes

Our Master Classes deliver practical sessions that empower you with a “toolbox” that will aid and support you on your political journey.

Mentoring Programme

A number of female politicians have generously offered their time to recount their experiences and offer insights and advice on how you can be successful in your political journey.

In Conversation With…

Our online webinar series of inspiring conversations with leading Irish and International politicians in conversation with acclaimed Irish journalists reveals insights to political life.

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