Want to contribute to and support Women for Election’s work? WfE Cousins is for you. Cousins is aimed at women in Ireland and around the world who want to support our goal of gender parity in Irish politics. We are recruiting supporters and advocates for our cause, to help us spread the word about Women for Election and our acclaimed training programmes. Your contribution will also financially support our organisation in 2019.

Why Cousins?
Cousins pays tribute to Margaret Cousins, an Irishwoman whose story deserves to be widely told. This Roscommon native was a writer, music teacher, outspoken vegetarian and suffragette. Her political life was one concerned with and devoted to women’s progress. She was a member of the Irish Women’s Suffrage and Local Government Association and founded the Irishwomen’s Franchise League with Hanna Sheehy Skeffington. Margaret spoke at open-air meetings in Dublin and around the country. In November 1910 she was one of six Irish representatives at the ‘Parliament of Women’ in Caxton Hall, London. While in London she was convicted of smashing the windows at 10 Downing Street and served one-month in the infamous Holloway prison. She was jailed again for in 1913 for breaking the windows at Dublin Castle alongside fellow activists and successfully fought for political status in prison after a brief hunger strike. In 1915, Margaret with her husband James moved to India, where she taught. In 1916, she was appointed the first non-Indian member of the Indian Women’s University at Poona. The next year she organised the Women’s India Association. In 1926 she was instrumental in putting together the first all-India women’s conference in 1926. She was arrested again in December 1932 for addressing a meeting in Madras to protest against emergency ordinances in the penal code. She was released from Vellore jail the following October. She died on 1 March, 1954 in Adyar, India.

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What does a Cousin receive as part of their membership fee?
A WfE Cousin receives early invites to our free events in 2019 and a beautiful bespoke hand bound notebook from Duffy Bookbinders, a family-run business in Dublin’s Five Lamps district. The notebooks come in various different colours including dark green, blue, pink, orange and lime. We are also planning a private event for Cousins in summer 2019.

How do I become a Women for Election Cousin for 2019?
By purchasing Cousins membership at the PayPal link below. We are asking for a one-off payment for 2019: €50 if you are working full-time and €30 if you are unwaged, an OAP or a student. (To access the €30 payment, use the drop down menu.)

Cousins payment options

We are also offering Cousins membership as a gift – if you purchase this option we will email you to arrange delivery to your intended recipient.

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