Women for Election are delighted to be working with the Union of Students Ireland (USI) on a one-day training programme for female sabbatical officers, as part of their Women in Leadership programme. The training, which takes place on the 15th of August, will work with women who have recently begun their tenure as Student Union officers, and will be broken into three sessions: team-building, resilience, and leadership.

The first session, team-building, focuses on the importance of engaging with other female students, and equipping them with the skills, confidence and determination to run for office themselves. Between 2008 and 2015, women accounted for roughly 26% of all sabbatical officers, and while there have been several occurrences in individual institutions where female representation has peaked, hitting 75%, these cases have not been followed by consistently high levels of representation, sometimes plummeting back down to 0%. This session will work to ensure that there is a constant pipeline of female students ready to run for elections.

Resilience is an vital skill for anyone undertaking a role in office. Our second session will focus on developing resilience, preparing the participants to tackle the new challenges and pressures they will face over the course of the year. With these skills, participants will be able to focus on making the most of their time in office, have a positive experience during their term, and continue on their leadership path.

The final portion of the day will focus on enhancing the participants’ leadership skills. During the session they will discuss the type of leader they wish to be, learn how to assert themselves in new surroundings, and prepare to go further on the political journey. A mixture of discussion, presentation, and role-play is involved in this section of the day, allowing participants to come away with a rounded sense of how they want to lead.

We are very excited to run this training day, and continue to work with the USI as part of their Women in Leadership programme to ensure that young women are playing their part in student politics and beyond.

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