Our Funding

As a not-for-profit organisation Women for Election is funded through a mix of philanthropic grants, private donations and revenue generated through our training programmes.

Long-term, sustained funding is essential for Women for Election to deliver on our commitment to political transformation and successfully inspire women to consider politics as a career option.

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Join The Countess Markievicz Circle

The Countess Markievicz Circle is an opportunity for both men and women to support Women for Election in their mission to see balanced representation in Irish public life. We are committed to driving through real change to transform Irish politics for the better. We passionately believe that more female politicians will lead to more robust decisions and help create a fairer, more inclusive society, better equipped to face the challenges of the future.

We would like your support to help us transform Irish political life both for our generation and for generations to come. By supporting us you can become part of this movement for change.

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