Important meetings are happening around the country every week at the moment and they are the selection committees for each of the Political Parties, who are selecting the candidates that will run for next years Local Elections.  Women for Election are keeping an eye on what has been going on and will be updating you all regularly from now on, so keep following the developments across the country through us.

As of the week ending 31st November, 814 candidates have been selected to run for election in 2014 so we are over half way through the selection/convention stage. At a glance nearly 25% of them are female. As of today, the left wing grouping of parties has put forward the highest number of female candidates – 31.3% while Fianna Fáil remain at 18.7% – significantly below the desired 30%. We have been conducting a weekly analysis of levels of female candidates being selected across the country, and have found so far, that percentages for each party tend to average around 16-33% in any given week. No party has ever selected more women than men in any constituency on any week so far.

It is certainly interesting to witness the emergence of geographical trends. Women are more likely to be selected in heavily populated urban areas, while male candidates dominate rural pockets, Cappamore-Kilmallock in Limerick for example, and Killarney – neither of which have a female candidate to date.

Women account for 33.1% of the total number of candidates in the Dublin area, in comparison to 26.1% in Leinster, 18.1% in Munster and 22.9% in Connacht-Ulster combined. In Cork, female candidates account for 23.2% while in Limerick it’s as low as 17.3% (or 8 out of a total of 46 candidates. Kerry has 5 females out of total of 32 confirmed candidates, 15.6%.

Check in with us again soon for the next update….

4 thoughts to “Selection committees meeting nationally: A review

  • Martin Grehan

    No mention of the names of the left-wing groupings who have the best gender ratio (and without any need for gender quotas).

    People Before Profit will run over 40 candidates and the majority are female. The Anti-Austerity Alliance also have healthy number of female candidates.

    Maybe you could give a platform to some of them women as well sometime?

    • Michelle O’Donnell Keating

      Hi Martin, we will drill down on specifics from week to week and will do a feature on each of the parties including PBP over the coming months. Do get in touch re any of the women that are running over the country on the PBP platform and we would be delighted to give them a focus on our social media.

  • Sarah

    I am interested to know what the number of female candidates in Galway is, do you know what the number and percentage is? Thank you.

    • Jennifer Kitson

      Hi Sarah, I will do a short piece on Galway in my Friday blog entry later today, still updating my figures at the moment!


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