Our ‘INSPIRE’ programme is a one-day programme designed to provide an introduction to political life for interested women, focusing on campaigns, communications, and confidence.

Next INSPIRE training: Dublin, 22 September. Book here.

Delivered by national experts, the programme is designed to demystify entrance into politics, and give each participant the tools and direction that they need to take their next step on their political journey.

Additionally a number of female elected representatives speak of the challenges throughout their own political career and importantly, how they have overcome them.

Who should participate on the ‘inspire’ programme?

The ‘INSPIRE’ programme is open to any women with an interest in politics or public life. It is specifically targeted at:

  • Women who have an interest in becoming more politically involved – as a campaigner, candidate or campaign manager – and who may consider putting themselves forward for election in the future
  • Women with leadership potential outside of politics – in business, trade unions, or the community and voluntary sector – that seek to influence politics or may consider politics as a future avenue in their career